The Brief

Enterpise Payments Solutions (EPS) is a comprehensive payments engine and the leading total payments solution on the market today. One of the key offering provide to small businesses is their remote deposit capture feature. This allows financial institutions to scan and deposit checks remotely without needing to take the checks to a physical location for processing. EPS needed an online campaign to let their customers know this feature was available to them.

The Solution

An email campaign and an enrollment landing page, were developed to reach their target audience. The theme chosen for the campaign was titled "Bank In Your Business." The idea behind the theme was that having remote deposit capture, was like having your own bank in your business. This allowed you to save time and be more efficient without having to worry about trips to the bank, etc. The layout for both the email and landing page, were single-column, responsive and vertically scrolling. We convinced the client that it was ok to "embrace the scroll."

The campaign was a success, with the client commenting that they had more response than personnel for followup with customers. A good problem to have from their perspective.