The Brief

HERE provides navigation map updates for various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). As part of their targeted multi-channel campaign, a white label landing page was needed to be used across all OEMs. With responsive design just beginning to develop, it was decided this project would be the perfect time to incorporate it. Mercedes-Benz was the OEM selected to test this new technique with.

The Solution

Working with the Creative Director and development team, I developed a wireframe and layout that was modular, scannable and easily customizable for future use across other OEMs. The large feature image, as well as color blocked areas, allow for easy brand customization and reinforce brand recognition among customers. The main content area is divided into 3 sections to convey a simple 3 stepped process and also providing balance to the feature image. An accordion menu was included to house secondary information that a user might need, but doesn't distract from the primary intent of the landing page.

The new responsive landing page proved popular with both the client and customers and was later rolled out across all of HERE's OEMs.