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The Brief

Although surveys show that over 80% of automobile customers consider a navigation system essential to their overall satisfaction when purchasing a vehicle, HERE found that many of their Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) struggle to convey to customers the importance of a map update for their navigation system. To answer this problem, HERE created MapCare, a product designed to help OEMs directly market to their customers. However they needed a way to announce this new product offering. The answer was a short video explaining the benefits of MapCare.

The Solution

The purpose of the video was to help build the relationship between OEMs and their customers. The theme shows how OEMs can go on a journey with their customer through the lifespan of the map update process, fostering stronger interaction and strengthening a positive relationship. To convey this journey, the video focuses on a path with key destination points along the way. Lifestyle photography was incorporated to contrast the virtual map journey, and to allow customers to see themselves going along on with their OEM.

Reaction to the video was positive with customers commenting that they were educated on the benefits of a map update.

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