The Brief

Jacobs & Clevenger is a multichannel direct response firm. The visual look of the website had not been updated since 2011, and like most websites, it was in need of a refresh. Aside from needing a new cosmetic approach, the site also contained a lot of content that needed to be reorganized in a way that would engage the user without seeming overwhelming.

The Solution

With this in mind, a new vertical and modular layout was developed. This would make managing content sections easier down the road, as well as allow for more intuitive breaks in content. Some of the key elements included in the redesign are:

  • Areas for dynamic/promoted content based on the user's journey
  • A secondary color palette to support the primary "red" color of the J&C logo
  • Increased visibility of blog articles
  • Incorporating current digital techniques and elements such as, flat UI, video background, Google Fonts and modular content areas
  • Providing multiple paths for the user to get to key content

To see some of the features in action, click the "Launch website demo." Refresh your browser to see the multiple Flixel videos in action.