The Brief

One of the main audiences for FES is their "renewal" audience. These are customers who already have a contract with FES and it is about to expire. As marketing will tell you, it costs less money to maintain a customer than to go after a new one. The previous creative had already proven to be successful. It's theme focused on more of an invitation look and feel. However, FES wanted to freshen up the creative approach with a more contemporary look that would also match their website.

The Solution

To accomplish this, I thought it would be interesting to:
1.) Apply a flat graphic treatment across both print and interactive channels
2.) Select artwork that reflects what we want the customer to do

First, I selected a lifestyle shot similar to the photography currently used on FES's website. The image was chosen because it conveyed a customer reading their contract expiration notice, with a laptop in the foreground as a subliminal nod to renewing online. The colors of the image were also softened to fit within the blue and gray FES color palette.

Next, I incorporated design treatments that flat graphics utilize. These include color blocking, flat icons, directional arrows, and limiting the variance between gradient color stops. The arrow aspect of the design lends itself across all channels nicely, as it directs the viewers eye on where to travel throughout each communication channel. It also helps to tie each piece of the campaign together.

At first I was unsure if flat design could translate well from interactive to print. My fears were put to rest once I saw all the pieces come together. In the end this project turned into a very cohesive, fluid and modern campaign.

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