The Brief

HERE wanted to test the success of their previous "Editorial Theme" email creative against a new design and layout. Even though the original creative had been successful in open rates, click-throughs and converversions, it had been a year since the design and creative had changed. For this test, they wanted a completely new look and feel that would contrast the minimal and modular style of the current "Editorial Theme". Cadillac was selected as the first of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) brands to test.

The Solution

My first thought was "how far do we want to take this?" Even though the client wanted something completely out of the box, I didn't want the email layouts to be so different that they were unrecognizable. Working with the Creative Directior, it was decided to test: a single-column vs 2-column layout; adding a second button towards the header; and incorporate a large masthead image. The content and gray color scheme remained intact.

The final results: the new test creative had a click-through rate 40% higher than the control.