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LinkedIn: Hello content. Goodbye Products tab.

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LinkedIn is revamping how Company Pages interact with members. Beginning April 14, Company Pages will no longer include a tab for Products & Services. Instead, they ask companies to promote their content through company updates and Showcase pages.

Previously, the Products & Services tab gave LinkedIn members an insight into what a particular company does. Along with a brief description about each product or service, members could then click a link to the company's website to learn more. In essence, this tab allowed company pages to act similar to a microsite for the company. As a downside, many of these services and products were left with static content and often forgotten about by the company.

By removing the Products & Services tab, LinkedIn is promoting content marketing to engage members about a company's products and services. Companies can do this through one of two ways: company updates and/or Showcase pages.

Users are already familiar with how company updates work. A page administrator logs in, navigates to the company's page, and posts an update. Done and done. Content is posted and the organization's followers receive an update.

Showcase pages work in a similar way. With a Showcase page, companies can create child specific pages to offer content about products, services or company initiatives. Showcase pages are designed to build relationships with members who want to follow a specific aspect of an organization. The benefit of this, is that new, relevant content is provided to a targeted audience to keep them engaged. Keep in mind though, that these pages are not designed for short-term campaigns or static content. Be sure to have a strategy for maintaining a Showcase page before creating one. Otherwise, it may be best to stick to providing overall company updates. Check out Microsoft's company page for an example of how Showcase pages work.

Overall, I believe this will be a useful tool for companies on LinkedIn. For active companies, this allows them to grow followers in specific areas that they may not reach through generalized company updates. It also encourages companies to stay relevant by providing new and targeted content.

Will you miss the Products & Services tab? How is your company offering content to LinkedIn members?


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