eBook: How to use social insights to build your content strategy

Spreads for ebook.

The task: design an eBook that would highlight multiple case studies, while keeping the information scannable and using imagery that focuses on the 25-35, influencer demographic.

Rewards program landing page and email

Landing page and email layout.

The task: the client was rolling out a rewards program across 3600 financial institutions and needed a white label landing page and email template. Visually, the idea was to create a feeling that the rewards program had vast offerings. The representation of the offerings had to be somewhat vague, as each financial institution, had different rewards available.

Centerfolds (Four panel, roll out brochure)

Four panel brochure for Center on Halsted.

The task: the client wanted a brochure that they could mail to current and prospective donors. The brochure needed to be able to mailed with standard postage, contain high-level information about the programs, and with no money for stock imagery, utilize the photography on hand and/or create visual elements from scratch.

FirstEnergy Solutions integrated marketing campaign

Responsive email, landing page and direct response letter.

The task: the client already had collateral in market that was providing a high return, but wanted to test a new visual approach along with PURLs. The new visual approach needed to look less “official” that what was currently in market, and would utilize a direct mail piece with insert, email and PURL.

Remote deposit capture integrated marketing campaign

Banner ad, email and landing page design.

The task: the client wanted to introduce remote deposit capture as a new service offering to some of their vendors. The materials would need to be white label, and would utilize retarget banner ads, dynamic content emails, and a dynamic landing page that would contain a form and video. The primary objective was to drive customers to the landing page, and to fill out the form to set up an in-store demo. We came up with the theme “bank in your business” and developed messaging and visuals that backed up the idea that any small business could accomplish many of their daily banking needs, right from their business.