As a designer, I enjoy seeing work produced by other creatives. It inspires, keeps me current, and makes me re-evaluate my own design approach. Since I believe it's important to stay relevant in whatever industry you're in, each month I will offer a list of my favorite creative pieces from that month. These pieces will include any field of design from interactive to video to print, etc. So without further ado, here are my creative picks for June.

Twitter Email for Business

Twitter animated email for business creative pick
My first creative pick for June, is an email newsletter from Twitter. I'm not going to lie, I usually gloss over most emails I get from Twitter for business. It's not that there's anything fundamentally wrong with them, they just usually don't grab my attention. However, this particular email gave me reason to pause. Animated GIFs are nothing new to email design, but the animation in this email surpassed any I have seen before. While the file size of the GIF is larger than generally recommended for an email, you can't deny the crispness and quality produced. At first, I thought it might actually be an embedded video targeted to Apple Mail clients. Twitter took a chance by breaking from traditional email design and recommendations, and in my opinion the risk paid off. It may not have caused me to take action, but it did change my behavior for how I interact with future communications.

FCB Webstie Redesign

FCB website creative pick
My next creative pick comes from FCB. Recently, DraftFCB decided to drop the "Draft" and rebrand as FCB. As is common with most rebrandings, a website redesign followed. And frankly, it's never looked better. The FCB site is responsive, vertical, user-friendly, and engaging. The simple design plus attention to typography makes the site feel fresh and modern. The site is easy to navigate and uses subtle animation effects to provide a smooth transition between pages. In the creative industry, it is necessary to give your site a little refresh from time to time. FCB's website update is the type of facelift that even Joan Rivers would approve of.

Litmus TEDC Email

Litmus email creative pick
Litmus is one of the foremost authorities on email design, development and delivery. So it's no surprise that when it comes to their own newsletters, that they deliver such quality work. Their email announcement for the upcoming "The Email Design Conference" is no exception, and is my final creative pick for June. This email uses a subtle GIF animation that fits with the sleek and modular design of the email. The email is responsive and single-column, which allows for a similar user experience across devices. The content is laid out so that it is easy to read and navigate through. And though not part of the design, my favorite part of them email was a link to a downloadable letter to give to your supervisor about why you should attend the conference. All of these elements combined to make a fun and engaging email communication.

So there you have it. These are my creative picks for June. If you see a creative piece that inspires you, tweet it to @justin_herren. Let's see what inspiration July brings.