So it is the day before Christmas Eve, and I am sitting at Chicago Midway Airport, awaiting my flight to Tennessee. As usually happens during the holiday season, my flight is delayed. I am now left with time on my hands. Not wanting my restlessness to boil over into irritability, I decide to make the best of the situation and keep myself entertained.

The hunt for caffeine
My two cups of coffee from 5:00 AM have worn off, and even though it's only 2hrs later, I am in need of a refuel. You would think that one of the busiest airports in America would have a Starbucks around every corner. Sadly, this is not the case at Midway. My options seem to be the Hudson Bookstore, McDonald's, or the little cafe across from the greeting card station. Since the Hudson Bookstore is just sporting a self-serve urn and McDonald's tends to heat their coffee to sun level temperatures, I opt for the corner cafe. I hand over the $3 (gotta love airport pricing) for my small coffee, and regain my resolve.

Time to vent
Now that I have my coffee, it's time to inform my family (as well as my social media network) that my flight is delayed and I am less than thrilled. I opt for a Twitter announcement, since this will allow me to tag Southwest Airlines, and passive-aggressively complain. I spend a few seconds contemplating what I think will be the most effective hashtags, and fire off my tweets. Not that I expect this will accomplish anything, other than honing my Twitter skills (I came to tweeting late in life).

Lay of the land
I now decide to survey my surroundings, and see what kind of advertising, marketing and structural design is around. Since I'm stuck here, I might as well see if there is anything to inspire me. Surprisingly, there's not a ton of marketing happening near my gate. There are a few flat themed Southwest posters promoting their services. A simple banner overhead, welcoming guests to Chicago. No direct marketing is happening here though. Not even any blatant impulse advertising. Color schemes of the airport is pretty typical and a little dated. Midway could definitely use a facelift. So far the only thing I have been inspired to do is write this blog article. I guess that's one in the win column.

The beautiful people
To spare my mind from further boredom, I begin to engage in the age old art of people watching. Airports are great for this. I've seen an assortment of bed head, luggage, jeggings/leggings, pajamas, hats, footwear, facial hair, makeup (and lack thereof), outerwear and pet carriers. Not many people here today are a slave to fashion. What happened to the days of Pan Am?

Oh well, looks like the plane has finally arrived. Time to board with my fellow holiday travelers and reach my Tennessee destination. Merry Christmas everyone! And please try not to kill anyone today as you wait for your flight. 😉