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A few of my favorite campaigns

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As 2013 comes to a close, it's time to look back at some of the most entertaining, creative, innovative and engaging marketing and advertising campaigns. In keeping with the seasonal spirit, I've pulled together a few of my favorite campaigns from 2013. These campaigns run the gamut from social media to print. Take a moment and see if they catch your attention as much as they did mine.

Show your Joe
One person's tacky is another person's entertainment. However you felt about this Kmart ad, you can't deny the buzz it created this holiday season.

Fresh Gigs
Does new underwear help you feel more productive? Well the minds at Fruit of the Loom seem to think so. In fact, if you're on LinkedIn and have started a new job, Fruit of the Loom wants to offer you free underwear. Why? "Because great-fitting underwear is the perfect way to start a fresh gig."

Fresh gig campaign

Water is life: Hashtag Killer
You've heard of groups trying to take the power of a word back, right? Well Water is Life decided to give new meaning to the infamous hash tag #firstworldproblems. Their campaign set out to give new meaning to the hash tag and draw attention to a real world problem: clean water shortage. Check out the case study below, and see how effective their campaign was.

Lowe's home tips
If you haven't heard of Vine yet, you may want to look it up. Lowe's has jumped on the Vine train and added several short how to, home improvement videos. I'll admit, I didn't think a hardware store would be keen to use this particular channel. However, I think this is a great way to reach the millennial audience.

GoGurt Smokey Eye
Ok, I'm not a GoGurt fan. I don't even have children to buy GoGurt for. But after seeing this commercial, I almost ran out and bout a case.

Pantone: Rain Edition
With minimal copy and striking photography, this ad brings focus to what the company is all about: color. Courtesy of Giuliano Lo Re and Matteo Gallinelli.

Pantone Rain Edition campaign

And this isn't even touching the Super Bowl ads. What campaigns impacted or caused you to take notice in 2013?

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