Along with flat design, typography and large images, single page web design has been trending hard. And so far in 2014, it shows no sign of slowing down. For those not in the know, a single page website is a site designed to fit on a single web page in order to provide the user with a more fluid experience. Instead of asking users to click between multiple pages to find the information they need, everything is contained within one page load.

Currently, there is still debate on whether single page sites are the wave of the future or merely a design aesthetic fad. Advocates of single page design argue that they are not merely websites, but smart sites. By smart sites, they mean that the design is more digital in nature versus thinking in traditional print conventions. Some advantages of single page sites that appeal to designers and programmers include:

  • The ability to tell a story
  • Interactivity between the site and user
  • Affordability
  • Uniformity across devices
  • Creating an app like experience
  • Easier to update
  • Encourages sharing
  • Increase in conversions

While the above reasons may sound great to some, opponents feel that single page sites are lacking in other areas. For one, SEO optimization is not entirely reliable. Opponents also feel that the learning curve for navigation can be a detractor. The use of multiple programming languages to create a single page site, may also make website owners feel too dependent on developers for updates and changes.

So which style is right for you or your client? As with anything, you should always assess the needs of your site and the goals associated with it. If designers and developers keep pushing with advancements in pageless sites that answer the above concerns, I can see this trend becoming a digital revolution. Below are links to some examples of single page sites as well as more information about this topic.

What do you think? Is single page design a digital evolution or revolution?

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